What do foreigners think about Russia? – Exclusive interview with an ordinary guy from Morocco.


Exclusive interview with an ordinary guy from Morocco Said er Farrad about Russia.

Stereotypes about Russia

Nowadays due to technologies, information spreads very fast. We read about other countries not only in newspapers, but we also have plenty of TV programs which get us acquainted with life in other places. Moreover, we have the Internet which allows us in a second to receive complete information about the desired destination. The bad moment in this is that not all information we receive is correct.


I am sometimes shocked when I hear what foreigners think about Russia. Who told you that bears are our friends and walk freely in the middle of Russia? Who told you that people in Russia do not feel cold? And why do you think that all Russians are rich? Where all this information is written?

Photo by Marina Shatskih from Pexels


Anyway whatever stereotypes country has, it is always interesting to know how the foreigners see your country.

My last conversation about Russia was with Mr. Said er Farrad. He is a guy from Morocco, who likes writing about psychology and art ( can see his page Said er Farrad ).  He has never been to Russia, but likes this country and would like to visit it one day.


This is how Russia looks like with the eyes of Moroccan guy:


Regi: Where is Russia located?

Said er Farrad: Russia is located between two continents, shares borders with European countries ( Norway, Finland Ukraine…) and Asian countries (Mongolia, South Korea, Siberia) and having covered arctic is a privilege.


Regi: Which three words come to your mind when you think about Russia?

Said er Farrad:  In this, I have to mention: 1) the great philosopher Tolstoy 2) Soviet Union 3) Kremlin.


Regi: Do you know any Russian song? If yes, which one?

Said er Farrad: I have just discovered it! Don’t be surprised if I said to you that the recent regret I blame myself on, is why I didn’t pay attention to Russian song before!


Regi: What interesting facts do you know about Russia?

Said er Farrad: 1. Moskow is known for containing extraordinary buildings like Basil’s cathedral. 2. Moskow is the capital of millionaires  3. Russians drink too much than peoples of other countries.


Regi: Do you think Russia is a good country to live in? Is it safe to live in Russia?

Said er Farrad: I think Russia is a country of cold atmosphere and snow clothing mountains and evergreen landscapes, rivers, lakes, fascinating visitors. As a transcontinental country, Russia has arms open to embrace peoples from different cultures, religions none-religion to integrate with each other in peace, so I would like to live there!


Regi: Are there a lot of Russian tourists in Russia? How do they behave? Are they different from other tourists?

Said er Farrad: If you have meant the Russian tourists in Morocco, to be honest, I have never come face to face with Russian tourists for interaction on the ground. All I know that there is not bad news spread around them, like other nationalities who come to Morocco for cheap needs of sex exploitation!


Regi: Do you think Russian girls are different from girls from other countries?

Said er Farrad: I think the Russian girls have a reputation of being decent elegant graceful, and physically their beauty is irresistible. They are often white skinned blonde haired with thin features of the face.


Regi: What do you think is the main difference between Moroccan and Russian people?

Said er Farrad: The main difference stems from factors being behind what do people good or bad: a culture, education, employment, justice, health care. In the case of the Moroccans, they are good generous due to the cultural background they have. The Russians are living freely in a country with a low level of corruption. That what makes their brand in science invention manufacturing fields very prominent.


Regi: Have you ever tried Russian food? If yes, what was it and how did it taste?

Said er Farrad: Unfortunately, no. I have only heard about Sochi cuisine!  I feel curious about Russian food. I guess it is rich and tasteful!


Regi: Would you like to visit Russia? Which cities?

Said er Farrad: I wish if I could have been there to visit Saint- Petersburg, and Moskow!


Regi: Do you know who is Tatar and Bashkir?

Said er Farrad: I think Bashkirs are a small minority of indigenous peoples in Russia!


Regi: What is in this picture? How Russian people use it? If you do not know what is it how would you use it?

Russia sauna

Said er Farrad: These seem like bunches of dried herbs. it is a little bit resembling a mint tea we call here in the rif “nana” . for me it is preferred to be used in a teapot on fire with ingredients: boiled water, gunpowder, sugar and served in glass cups on the tray. Then enjoy! 


Although Said er Farrad’s answers were mostly correct, I can not skip the last question. I think it is my commitment now to explain what is it on the picture. Read my article What is it Russian Venik?  if you want to know what is it Russian Venik and why it is a must-do thing in Russia.



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