One of the things I love about Russia!

The more you travel the more you appreciate your home. When we always stay in our own city and do not travel, we do not see our home from outside.  It took me more than 1000 miles to realize how I love my country and how terribly I miss everything that is connected with it. I miss my home, my family, my friends and every single moment I spent at my home place with people I love.

When I think about home, I remember all the incredible moments from my childhood. Especially I will never forget dinner time at home. This was always the best time when all my family members stopped working, in order to spend this wonderful hour together. We were discussing our everyday issues and enjoyed my mom’s cooking.  I am sure everybody will agree, that no kind of food can be so tasty, as a meal prepared by your mom.

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I am really lucky because I was born in a time when the chose of fast food and semi-finished products was very limited. We were used to preparing all meals at home, standing plenty of hours by the stove. We went to the market to choose the best quality meat and vegetables.  We made all kinds of pastries and preserves for winter ourselves.  It was hard and took plenty of time, but it was so much fun and gave me unforgettable moments. I am sure that exactly such small pieces of memories, like cooking and eating together, makes you feel connected with your family and place of birth.

Russian cooking tradition

What I really love about my country is that most of the families in Russia still continue cooking at home. We still did not replace our porridges with sandwiches, we cook soups for lunchtime, and nobody can break our love to grandmother’s pastries. We are always so excited to go to the village to drink fresh milk and pick up berries and vegetables from the garden.  Cooking at home is still an important part of the culture in Russia, and we still prefer eating at home than going to the restaurant.  I hope it will always stay the same because our food is what makes us different from other countries.

Russia tradition

I really love Russian food, especially meals, which come from my region. There is no other place on the Earth, where I can eat Tatar food like “vak-belyash”, “kistibi”, “chack-chack” etc. I am always so excited about going home again because I know that my family is waiting for me, and already wrote a menu for the next few weeks.  I love cooking, and like making experiments with food. However, nobody will deny that the best food in the world is the one prepared by your mother in its traditional way.

On my website, I will post some traditional recipes of Russian and Tatar food, the ones which were passing in my family from generation to generation. Thus I want to make my small contribution to saving cultural recipes of Russian and Tatar cuisine and support the lovely tradition of cooking at home. I hope you will also like it.  Enjoy your meal.

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