About me and my Blog

 Hi! I am Regina. I am a simple Tatar girl who loves traveling and strongly believes that

every dream can become true. 🙂


What kind of person am I?

  • I am a person, who is always ready to walk 100km on foot in order to discover a new destination.
  • I am a person, who always open to something new and finds self-development extremely important. It does not matter if you teach me how to sew, or how to dance the bachata. I will like it for sure.
  • I am a person, who lost money and documents in Mallorca, who slept two nights in antique room in Germany, who lived 5 days with candles in Budapest, who flighted with birds for the food on 14 floor in Czech Republic, who was lost at night time in the middle of Barcelona with 5 euros in pocket, who learned to make soup from lasagne in Finland.
  • Talking about my hobbies, I like sport and a healthy lifestyle. I also enjoy reading books connected with business, psychology, and nutrition.
  • I am a person, who prefers simple stuff to luxury ones. It means that in my blog you will highly find feedbacks about high-quality restaurants and hotels. Instead, I will share with you how to travel cheap and enjoy small things. Happiness is in small things.
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

How I discovered my love for traveling?

My passion to travel started when I was 6 years old. It was my first time in Turkey. Coming from a typical megapolis city as a child I was very impressed by palm trees, sandy beaches, and endless blue sea. At this moment I told to myself: “I want to experience this amazing feeling every single day. I want to see every part of our incredible planet Earth”.

I started intensively learn English and every year begged my parents to travel somewhere. My solo travels started at the age of 13. I went to Malta to study English. Since this time, I visited 33 countries and 75 cities.

My education and experience

My high education I got in Finland, where I studied “Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management”. Apart from this I also studied in Germany, Ireland, Malta, Russia, and Czech Republic. My area of knowledge includes Tourism, International Business, the yachting industry, and sommelier.

I speak Russian, English, and German. I also a little bit understand Tatar, Spanish and Finnish languages.

My work experience is very broad. I worked:

  • as a private business teacher in Finland,
  • as a receptionist in 3 stars hotel in Spain
  • as a marketing specialist in Russia
  • as a booking agent in 4 stars hotel in Germany
  • as a nanny in Czech Republic
  • as a tutor in kinder gardens in Russia and Germany

Currently, I work in the Restaurant department on a cruise ship and travel around the world. Every month I visit about 5 countries and 15 cities.

What you can find in my blog

I am not a professional writer and my education has nothing to do with writing.  What I write is just my thoughts and my ideas based on experience. Maybe my posts do not impress you with professional terminology and great design, but they are written honestly and with a great desire to make your trip unforgettable.

My blogging is not created to promote any kind of company. Everything is written in my blog I visited myself, used myself or had experience with. In my Blog you can find:

  1. My feedbacks about restaurants, sightseeing, and excursions around the world.
  2. My experience with different travel companies, international schools, universities, employers
  3. Different Life Hacks, which can make your trip much easier. How to pack liquids in luggage, so that they do not spill? How to prepare home flowers for your absence, so that they do not get dry? etc.
  4. Recipes from different countries. I love cooking and making some experience with food. Sometimes it is like this :

  1. Feedbacks about different electronic devices that I had. My brother is a technological genius, so our home is full of electronic devices of different kinds.
  2. Various articles connected with cultures and traditions.
  3. Funny stories, which I saw or happened with me. Let’s laugh together. Laughing can help you live longer.

Why I started my blog?

Sorry, I am not a holy person, so I also hope to benefit from doing blogging. My goals are:

  1. To improve my language skills by translating blogs into different languages. In the beginning, it will be in English and Russian, but hopefully one day I will also be able to write in German and Spanish as well ( use language switcher on the top of the page to change the language)
  2. To improve my skills in Internet marketing, website building, and SEO optimization. Write me if you want to submit a guest post or work with me. Just  CLICK HERE or write me on social media: Vkontakte Instagram  Facebook
  3. To encourage other people to travel by providing valuable advice and interesting memorable information.
  4. I also do not exclude the possibility to get some money reward in future

You can help me to develop my blog by writing comments, making a repost, participating in surveys or interviews, giving recommendations on Blog development.  For you, it will take a second, but for me, it will mean a lot.


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My motto is “Durch die Träume lernt Man zu fliegen” ( the words of the most intelligent and kind person I have ever met). In English, it will be something like “Through the dreams, a person learns to fly”. In Russian “Сквозь мечты человек учится летать”.