Triund Trek Dharamshala: best advices

Triund Trek

The home of the Dalai Lama may be the greatest attraction for explorers to Upper Dharamshala (McLeod Ganj). In any case, for us, the natural air and postcard ideal perspectives in this little Tibetan-oust city were great. The Triund Trek was definitely a wonderful experience. We were able to revive before tossing ourselves once more into the insane sides of India.

*When voyagers talk about going to Dharamshala to visit the Dalai Lama, they really mean McLeod Ganj, a brief transport ride up north from the primary transport remain in Dharamshala — where a large portion of the ousted Tibetans lives.



Triund  is an edge arranged at a rise of 2875 mt in the lap of the Dhauladhar mountain run. It is a well-known place of interest in the western Himalayan range. To reach this point one needs to stroll for 08 km from Mcleod Ganj town. Triund is additionally the entryway to reach and cross the delightful and intense mountain pass called Indrahara Pass. Triund or more there are numerous enormous fields where one can see many shepherds eating their group of sheep and goats. From Triund one can climb up to Kunal Pathri sanctuary also which is situated at a height of 3200 mt. To return to Mcleodganj either stroll back in the same way or can take the distinctive course which is a steep downhill.

Shepherds, “Gaddis”, who relocate each spring with their herd from the lower regions of the Kangra valley to the rich touching zones of Chamba and Lahaul locales of Himachal Pradesh, Gaddi individuals possess on the two valleys of the Dhauladhar area specifically Chamba and Kangra valley.



We chose to convey just one sack for four of us and no extra garments. We didn’t have waterproof shells with us. The bizarre thing about Dharamshala is its flighty climate. During my school days, I saw that whenever we needed to leave for school or return from school it would rain. Different occasions, it will be radiant and splendid yet the minute you choose to go out for some work, be it any work, it will begin pouring. Ten years after I left Dharamshala, this standard works. When we chose to stroll towards Dharamkot, it began to rain and it got agonizing to stroll in the downpour. We didn’t have the foggiest idea about that Dharamkot is available by the street. So we continued strolling like nitwits and when we came to Dharamkot, we doused deeply.



Since all others were new to trekking they were getting depleted very soon and continued taking rest which was great that they didn’t attempt to proceed and wound up over debilitating themselves. We kept climbing up at a moderate pace with halting by at each tea slow down and perspectives to click photographs. Initial 5 km of the Trek was simple with a couple of tough climbs. The last 1 km where we as a whole 5 blended up with individual trekker to talk and kidded around to get spruce up and reestablish our vitality to get moving.

Triud Trek package



It does not matter if you arrange trekking to Triund by yourself or book Triund Trek Package, we advise you to pay attention to underneath focuses :

  • Check the Triund weather and better keep some comfortable garments with you. In any event, when it is demonstrating the temperature would be high. Triund weather changes quickly at any time of the day.
  • In the event that it’s your first trek and you would prefer not to put resources into Trekking shoe generously abstain from taking any plastic sole shoe (b-ball shoe particularly). Any ordinary cowhide shoe would do great.
  • Remember Poncho for your sack pack as it downpours with no notice. At one time we saw the sky was all unmistakable and blue and the following minute it came down intensely.
  • Hydrate enough for a day and 2 preceding the trek will support a ton. In summer the sun is fierce and would squeeze away water from the body.
  • Keep relief from discomfort drugs and splashes.
  • On the off chance that you have any sort of breathing issue abstain from trekking. Or then again you may counsel your primary care physician before you choose to do the trek.
  • Some tourists prefer listening music while Trekking as it encourages them to go longer distance. If you are also a music fan, make sure that your headphones are waterproof and can resist Triund weather. Here, for examle, you can compare the quality of electronic devices: Die Besten Test



Primary Square — Mcleod Ganj to the water tank — Dharmkot (leave your vehicle)

Beginning trek from Water Ta[nk and arrive at Magic Viewpoint(Mid-purpose of the trek)

Enchantment Viewpoint to Triund campground. On the off chance that you need to expand your trek.



The Triund trek is magnificent in the colder season. What’s more, the security watch encourages you not to begin the Triund trek if there is substantial snowfall whenever in the long stretch of November to walk. In spring the trek has various types of blossom inviting you. While in summer the Triund trek is actually quite blistering. Triund temperature falls around evening time so take a coat with you in case you intend to go stargazing. Rest ahead of schedule around evening time to accept appropriate rest as the tent gets sweltering past utmost with first daylight of morning.

Triund weather

I wish you an interesting and safe trekking. Let Triund Trek surprise you with amazing sceneries and life-lasting memories. Read more about other interesting places in India

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