Best things to do in Gibraltar: Top 10 things to do in Gibraltar

Best things to do in Gibraltar

Before I came to Gibraltar, I had no idea about this wonderful place. I was considering it a small port city, which is totally unknown to most people. Shame on me. For me, it was a big surprise when I saw plenty of tourists from different parts of the world doing shopping in Gibraltar and enjoying its interesting attractions. The more I stayed in Gibraltar the more I fell in love in this amazing city. I decided to discover the best things to do in Gibraltar and write about it. However, it takes time to experience the city from different perspectives, so my list of top 10 things to do in Gibraltar will continuously improve. Please, be patient


1. Visit Europa point, see the strait of Gibraltar and coast of Africa

If you want to stand on the southern-most point of Europe and enjoy amazing views of Gibraltar strait you should definitely come here.

The main attraction of Europa Point is the lighthouse, which was built in 1838 and till today serves as a beacon for vessels traveling between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Top 10 things to do in Gibraltar

Besides Lighthouse, you can also see Beautiful mosque, Sikorsky Memorial and Harding Battery. If you are very lucky, you can also view whales jumping into the colder waters. In order to see the coast of Africa, you can use a telescope for 1 Euro.

Telescope sea

Talking about facilities in this area there is a nice restaurant, children’s playground, and parking places. There are plenty of information points where you can learn more about Gibraltar, its main attractions and all the best things to do in Gibraltar.

You can easily reach Europa Point by bus No 2. From the market place (city center) it takes approximately 15 minutes to drive. The price is only 3,30 Euro there and back.

Gibraltar transportation

I liked this place because of its very fantastic views. There were not so many tourists, so it was nice to enjoy the breath of the ocean and feel yourself at the edge of the mainland.


2. Do not forget to pass by a Sacred Heart Church 

During your walk along the main street, take 10 minutes and turn onto a parallel street. There you will find a very beautiful Sacred Heart Church. It is not a popular attraction and not so many tourists know about it, but it should be definitely in the list of best things to do in Gibraltar.  The Church is used more for local people and special occasions than for tourism and revenue purposes. I do not know if you can go inside the church, but it still worth to visit because of its impressive exterior.  The Church is built in the Gothic style. It has a charming courtyard with statues, beautiful flowers, and grotto dedicated to Lady of Lourdes.

Sacred Heart Church Gibraltar

Gibraltar sightseeing

Sacred Heart Church opening hours

Church Gibraltar


3. Gibraltar Nature Reserve is definitely must thing to visit 

Gibraltar Nature Reserve includes plenty of attractions, like Great Siege Tunnel, WWII Tunnels, Moorish Castle, Windsor Bridge, Charles V Wall, St. Michael Cave, SkywalkGenoese Battery, etc.

Gibraltar Nature Reserve prices and opening time

If you really want to see all the sights you have to pay around 15 Euro. The area is very big, so better plan to spend the whole day there. Depending on your preferences, you can choose different Gibraltar nature reserve walking trails. This is how Gibraltar Nature Reserve map looks like:

Gibraltar Trail

History Buff (4,3 km, orange route) will bring you through the most historical spots so that you can immerse yourself in the interesting history of Gibraltar
Monkey Trail (2,9 km, violet route) will show you the most liked by monkeys places of Gibraltar Nature Reserve
Nature Lover (3,2 km, green route) is the best choice if you want to enjoy fauna of Gibraltar and take beautiful scenery photos
Thrill Seeker (3,2, blue route) should be chosen if you are seeking some adrenalin and fitness challenge, and are not afraid to walk plenty of stairs up and down.

In case you are limited in time or prefer to stay outside and enjoy nice weather, you can only pay around 7 Euro and have a nice walk around Gibraltar Nature Reserve. For this price, you can still have a skywalk, visit the Military Heritage center, have a nice walk on Windsor Bridge, see a lot of monkeys and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

gibraltar nature reserve opening hours

gibraltar viewing platform

Gibraltar Nature Reserve experience and Gibraltar monkeys

We took the second option and really enjoyed our time there.
There are plenty of Gibraltar’s monkeys on the way, and it would be an especially amazing experience if you travel with a child.

Interesting to mention is that Gibraltar’s monkeys is the only wild population of monkeys in Europe. Monkeys completely are not afraid of people, but also do not behave aggressively. However, I would highly recommend keeping some distance in order not to let monkeys steal your stuff. There are some tourists who were robbed by the monkeys during their walk. Especially, very attractive for monkeys are glasses.

Gibraltar monkeys

Gibraltar monkeys attack

How do you get to the upper rock in Gibraltar

You can reach Nature Reserve:

  • By foot. It takes only about 20 minutes to walk from the city center, but the way is not so easy as you have to walk up.
  • By cable car. This is the easiest and the most interesting option. A cable car will bring you to the top of a rock, where you can find a nice cafe, souvenir shop, Free Wi-Fi and the biggest cluster of monkeys. You can buy a cable car ticket together with a ticket to Nature Reserve in the city or in advance from the official website Cable Car and Nature Reserve ticket.
  • By excursion bus. In the city center, there are people offering different excursions around the Nature Reserve. For example, we were offered the guided tour around the Nature Reserve of Gibraltar with all entrances included for 35 euros per person.

Gibraltar Cable car

In Nature Reserve of Gibraltar, you will for sure find something interesting for you. There are plenty of things you can enjoy and experience. Also, the way you can discover this place (by foot, bus, cable car, etc.) make it affordable for all kind of people. There are also some benches during the route, so you can always have some break and relax. Just go there, and you will definitely agree that it is one of the best things to do in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Nature Reserve

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